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  • Walter Mickel
  • Geometry controlled phase behavior in nanowetting and jamming

This thesis is devoted to several aspects of geometry and morphology in wetting problems and hard sphere packings.

First, we propose a new method to simulate wetting and slip on nanostructured substrates: a phase field model associated with a dynamical density theory approach. We showed omniphobicity, meaning repellency, no matter the chemical properties of the liquid on monovalued surfaces, i.e.~surfaces without overhangs, which is in contradiction with the macroscopic Cassie-Baxter-Wenzel theory , can produce so-called We checked systematically the impact of the surface parameters on omniphobic repellency, and we show that the key ingredient are line tensions, which emerge from needle shaped surface structures.

Geometrical effects have also an important influence on glassy or jammed systems, for example amorphous hard sphere systems in infinite pressure limit. Such hard sphere packings got stuck in a so-called jammed phase, and we shall demonstrate that the local structure in such systems is universal, i.e.~independent of the protocol of the generation. For this, robust order parameters---so-called Minkowski tensors-are developed, which overcome robustness deficiencies of widely used order parameters. This leads to a unifying picture of local order parameters, based on geometrical principles. Furthermore, we find with the Minkowski tensor analysis crystallization in jammed sphere packs at the random closed packing point.