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Finished Theses

PhD ThesesMaster ThesesDiploma ThesesZulassungsarbeitenBachelor Theses

PhD Theses

  • Marco Klement
  • Computational Studies of Anisotropic Particles
  • Miriam Martinsons
  • Phasonic Degrees of Freedom in Quasicrystals
  • Philipp Schönhöfer
  • Entropically driven self-assembly of pear-shaped nanoparticles
  • Simon Weis
  • Structural analysis of particulate systems using X-ray tomography
  • Fabian Schaller
  • The Structure of Random Particle Packings
  • Daniel Schmidt
  • Effect of thermal fluctuations on the binding properties of biological membranes
  • Jayant Pande
  • Analytical and numerical study of microswimming using the ‘bead-spring model’
  • Benedikt Krüger
  • Simulating Triangulations: Graphs, Manifolds and (Quantum) Spacetime
  • Zlatko Brkljaca
  • Application of Computational Methods to the Structural and Functional Properties of Flexible Chiral Molecules
  • Zoran Milicevic
  • The role of water in the electrophoretic mobility of hydrophobic objects
  • Ellen Fischermeier
  • Simulations of Colloidal Liquid Crystals
  • Martin Reichelsdorfer
  • Foundations of Small Scale Hydrodynamics with External Friction and Slip
  • Timo Wolfgang Bihr
  • Adhesion of fluctuating membranes
  • René Wittmann
  • Density Functional Theory for Liquid Crystals — Refining Fundamental Measure Theory for anisotropic bodies
  • Michael Klatt
  • Morphometry of random spatial structures in physics
  • Matthias Saba
  • Photonic crystals with chirality — Group theory, algorithmic tools and experimental approaches for Gyroid-like photonic material
  • Simon Lang
  • Structure and dynamics of liquids in confined environments
  • Anatoly Danilevich
  • Gaussian Model and Additivity
  • Karmen Condic-Jurkic
  • Strategies in the Computational Modelling of Biological Systems: Case Studies with Radical Enzymes
  • Sebastian Kapfer
  • Morphometry and Physics of Particulate and Porous Media
  • Susan Nachtrab
  • Percolation and Elasticity of Networks - From Cellular Structures to Fibre Bundles
  • Walter Mickel
  • Geometry controlled phase behavior in nanowetting and jamming
  • Kerstin Falk
  • The molecular origin of fast fluid transport in carbon nanotubes: theoretical and molecular dynamics study of liquid/solid friction in graphitic nanopores
  • Ralf Kaminke
  • Fluid nanobubbles and adsorption at solid substrates
  • Christian Goll
  • Parallel algorithms for molecular dynamics simulations in fluids
  • Patrick Levi
  • On the Influence of Thermal Fluctuations on Polymer Bundles, Liquid Vapor Interfaces and Biochemical Processes
  • Florian Baumann
  • Alterung und dynamisches Skalenverhalten fern des Gleichgewichts
  • Boris Breidenbach
  • Scalar and tensorial Minkowski functionals of spatially complex structures

PhD ThesesMaster ThesesDiploma ThesesZulassungsarbeitenBachelor Theses

Master Theses

  • Johannes Schöttner
  • Single-Layer Surface Quasicrystals of Identical Particles in Hyperspace
  • Ludwig Peschik
  • Towards a Gauge Theory in Finite Projective Physics
  • Leander Self
  • A Neisseria gonorrhoeae colony under shear: Viscoelasticity of an active network
  • Aakash Bhat
  • Investigations of Symmetry Groups in a Finite Projective Space
  • Caroline Collischon
  • Analysis of Structures in the Magellanic Clouds with Minkowski Tensors
  • Dominic Arold
  • Phase Field Crystal Models for Underdamped Active Systems
  • Judith Höfer
  • Local Domains and Graph Diameter of Biquadric Fields in a Finite Geometry
  • Matthias Gimperlein
  • Biquadric Fields and Game of Life in Finite Geometries
  • Anja Gemeinhardt
  • 2D simulations of quasicrystals with patchy colloids
  • Yang Kuang
  • Calculation of photonic band structures for 1D quasicrystals and 2D square crystals
  • Robert Weigel
  • Equilibration of Orientational Order in Hard Disks via Arcuate Event-Chain Monte Carlo
  • Benedikt Decker
  • Phase field crystal models of qusicrystals
  • Max Hörmann
  • Dynamical correlations of disordered one-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets
  • Simone Gehrer
  • Stress-Strain Relation in Reconstituted Tissue
  • Tony Wasserka
  • Critical Phenomena of the Ising Model on Triangulations
  • Matthias Späth
  • Effective Interaction Between Membrane And Scaffold
  • Wolfram Barfuß
  • Correlation and Dependency across the scales
  • Simon Weis
  • Einfluss der Reibung auf strukturelle und mechanische Eigenschaften von Kugel- und Ellipsoidpackungen
  • Johannes Hielscher
  • Circular Dichroism of Distorted Structure-Photonic Materials
  • Felix Winterhalter
  • The Volume Operator in Loop Quantum Gravity: The Spectrum in the High Valence Limit
  • Philipp Schönhöfer
  • Fractal Geometries: Scaling of Intrinsic Volumes
  • Alexander Laska
  • Biquadric Fields: Equipping Finite Projective Spaces With “Metric” Structure
  • Michael Fischer
  • Thermodynamic stability of the novel tricontinuous 3ths(5) structure in self-assembled melts of triblock star-copolymers

PhD ThesesMaster ThesesDiploma ThesesZulassungsarbeitenBachelor Theses

Diploma Theses

  • Markus Rose
  • Brownian Motion of a Needle in a Three-Dimensional Environment
  • Fabian Schaller
  • The Structure of Random Ellipsoid Packings
  • Sebastian Leitmann
  • Driven Transport on Disordered Lattices
  • Matthias Hoffmann
  • Loop Percolation
  • Michael Klatt
  • Morphometric analysis in gamma ray astronomy
  • André Noss
  • Transporteigenschaften und Skalierungsexponenten von Sierpinski-Teppichen
  • René Wittmann
  • Test of the extended deconvolution fundamental measure theory
  • Stefan Kuczera
  • Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Simulation of Confined Hard Sphere Fluids
  • Matthias Saba
  • Band Structure Analysis of Gyroid Photonic Crystals
  • Markus Spanner
  • Anomalous Transport in Porous Media near the Percolation Transition
  • Martin Reichelsdorfer
  • On Brownian motion of asymmetric particles – An application as molecular motor
  • Holger Mitschke
  • Deformations of Skeletal Structures - Finite Auxetic Mechanisms in Periodic Tessellations
  • Christian Scholz
  • Morphology of Experimental and Simulated Turing Patterns
  • Anatoly Danilevich
  • Formabhängigkeit der Freien Energie von realen Gasen
  • Johannes Reinhard
  • Searching phase transitions in lattice triangulations
  • Sebastian Bittner
  • Morphometrie von Punktprozessen
  • Stefan Kallenberger
  • Nanofluidik in zylindrischen Geometrien
  • Kerstin Falk
  • Stochastische Hydrodynamik von Oberflächen kompressibler Flüssigkeiten
  • Walter Mickel
  • Charakterisierung anisotroper Strukturen mittels Minkowski-Tensoren
  • Sebastian Kapfer
  • Segregation und Ordnungsfluktuationen in Cu3Au
  • Susan Sporer
  • Ein Modell für gerichtete Brownsche Bewegung in einem einzelnen Wärmebad
  • Patrick Levi
  • Actin filaments in Confined Geometries
  • Christian Goll
  • Molekulardynamik feuchter granularer Medien

PhD ThesesMaster ThesesDiploma ThesesZulassungsarbeitenBachelor Theses

Zulassungarbeiten (teacher exam theses)

  • Rafael Grub
  • Zur Berechnung von Lévy-Walks mit Schritten parallel zu den Achsen
  • Jakob Ferdinand Jorda
  • Lineare Unterräume von Quadriken in endlichen projektiven Geometrien
  • Jörg Gardill
  • Bau eines Experimentierkastens zum Thema Fluide

PhD ThesesMaster ThesesDiploma ThesesZulassungsarbeitenBachelor Theses

Bachelor Theses

  • Frank Ulrich Henning
  • Finite Mechanik oszillierender Bewegung
  • Mishael Derla
  • Comparing Step Potential Free Energy Approximations made with Fundamental Measure Theory
  • Jakob Hack
  • Athermisches Jamming mit Störungen
  • Maximilian Vieweg
  • Nummerisches Verfahren zur Analyse der Freien Energielandschaft von Gläsern
  • Jonas Buba
  • Charakterisierung quasikristalliner Muster mittels künstlicher Intelligenz
  • Florian Simon
  • Klassische Mechanik auf finiten projektiven Geometrien
  • Martin Majewski
  • Demixing of Soft Particles
  • Markus Hoffmann
  • Classical Density Functional Theory for Particles with Hard Cores and Soft Square Shoulders
  • Nicolas Wohlleben
  • Jamming für Wechselwirkungen mit unterschiedlichen Reichweiten
  • Ali Döner
  • Untersuchung von Störstellen in Quasikristallen unter Zuhilfenahme von neuronalen Netzen
  • Johannes Schöttner
  • Phase-Field-Kristall-Modell für binäre Systeme
  • Ludwig Peschik
  • Algebraic Properties of Quadrics over Finite Fields and their Symmetry Groups
  • Stefan Wolf
  • Computersimulation für das Wachstum eines Quasikristalls
  • Florian Fleischmann
  • Force response function on a moving sphere in a viscoelastic medium
  • Mario Gaimann
  • Lateral Diffusion in the Ionic Liquid [C2Mim]+[NTf2]- on Vacuum and Hydroxylated Sapphire Interfaces
  • Anja Langheld
  • Event-Chain-Monte-Carlo mit Rotationsfreiheitsgraden
  • Kai Klede
  • Ising model on finite projective geometries
  • Johannes Dietz
  • Klassifikation von Galaxien mithilfe irreduzibler Minkowskitensoren
  • Moritz Villmow
  • Jamming and glassy dynamics of ellipsoidal particles
  • Partick Adelhardt
  • Quantum phase transition on the dimerized spin-one chain
  • Ardin Ibraimi
  • Quantenzustände in Quasikristallen
  • Dominik Geyer
  • Aktives Phasenfeldkristall-Modell für biologische Systeme
  • Katharina Lenk
  • Charakterisierung von Schraubendislokationen in Quasikristallen
  • Paul wunderlich
  • Spektrale Dichten ungeordneter Quantenspinleiter mittels Molekularfeldtheorie
  • Sebastian Ruß
  • Investigation of 2D Thermal Jamming in Terms of the Directed Percolation
  • Felix Schmidt
  • Mermin-Wagner-Fluktuationen mit langreichweitigen Wechselwirkungen
  • Matthas Gimperlein
  • Dichtefunktionaltheorie für harte Teilchen auf gekrümmten Oberflächen
  • Tobias Reinhart
  • Lorentztransformationen in endlichen Raumzeiten
  • Timo Niehoff
  • Minkowski Strukturanalyse von granularen Gas(en)
  • Tom Stoiber
  • Virialkoeffizienten per Diagrammatic Monte Carlo
  • Johannes Rieke
  • Characterizing the dynamics of a Drosophila motoneuron model via bifurcation analysis
  • Robert Weigel
  • Locally Densest Packings of Ellipsoids per Simulated Annealing
  • Sebastian Ziegler
  • Identifikation von Defekten in Quasikristallen per Einbettungsmethode
  • Benedikt Herrmann
  • Virialkoeffizienten per Diagrammatic Monte Carlo
  • Florian Hopfmüller
  • Positive Operator Valued Measures as Functions
  • Max Hörmann
  • Minkowski Tensors of Gaussian Fields
  • Wolfgang Billenstein
  • Monte Carlo simulations of the Ising model on triangulations
  • Maximilian Düll
  • Numerische Berechnung von Vertex-Amplituden im EPRL-Modell
  • Michael Fischer
  • Trikontinuierliche Strukturen als Modell für sternförmige Copolymere und ihre Packungseigenschaften
  • Felix Winterhalter
  • Monte-Carlo-Simulationen mit Quadriken in endlichen projektiven Ebenen
  • Nils Alex
  • Quadriken in endlichen projektiven Ebenen
  • Kerstin Göpfrich
  • Reconstitution of α-hemolysin into nano lipid bilayers
  • Benedikt Hutzler
  • Entwicklung eines Algorithmus zur optischen Defekterkennung bei der 3D-Integration von Schaltkreisen
  • Sebastian Kaul
  • Dichtefunktionaltheorie harter Scheiben und Zylinder
  • Johannes Zirkelbach
  • Deformations of isotropic Plateau polyhedra as model foam cells
  • Richard Schielein
  • Anisotropie kristalliner Kugelpackungen
  • Michael Schmidt
  • Robust Medial Surfaces of Porous Structures
  • Robert Jonsson
  • Characterisation of Lattice Triangulations Complex Networks and their Metric Structure
  • Anna-Lena Robisch
  • Bikontinuierliche C(Y)-Strukturen als photonische Kristallmodelle mit Händigkeit
  • Nicola Kleppmann
  • Anisotropy of Potts Model Foams during Coarsening and of Metal Foams