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Publications 2023

  • J. A. Koziol and G. Morigi and K. P. Schmidt
  • Quantum phases of hardcore bosons with repulsive dipolar density-density interactions on two-dimensional lattices
  • arXiv preprint arXiv:2311.10632 (2023)
  • Paul Fadler and Jiajun Li and Kai Phillip Schmidt and Martin Eckstein
  • Engineering Photon-mediated Long-Range Spin Interactions in Mott Insulators
  • arXiv preprint arXiv:2311.01339 (2023)
  • Sumeet and M. Hörmann and K. P. Schmidt
  • Hybrid quantum-classical algorithm for the transverse-field Ising model in the thermodynamic limit
  • Arxiv preprint arXiv:2310.07600 (2023)
  • N. S. Bassler and I. Varma and M. Proske and P. Windpassinger and K. P. Schmidt and C. Genes
  • Cooperative effects in dense cold atomic gases including magnetic dipole interactions
  • arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.11486 (2023)
  • R. Wiedmann and L. Lenke. and M. Mühlhauser and K. P. Schmidt
  • Absence of fractal quantum criticality in the quantum Newman-Moore model
  • arXiv preprint arXiv:2302.01773 (2023)
  • Nico S. Bassler and Andrea Aiello and Kai P. Schmidt and Claudiu Genes and Michael Reitz
  • Metasurface-based hybrid optical cavities for chiral sensing
  • arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.00568 (2023)
  • Tseng, Yi and Paris, Eugenio and Schmidt, Kai P. and Zhang, Wenliang and Asmara, Teguh Citra and Bag, Rabindranath and Strocov, Vladimir N. and Singh, Surjeet and Schlappa, Justine and Rønnow, Henrik M. and Schmitt, Thorsten
  • Momentum-resolved spin-conserving two-triplon bound state and continuum in a cuprate ladder
  • Communications Physics 6(1) (2023)
  • Hörmann, Max and Schmidt, Kai P.
  • Projective cluster-additive transformation for quantum lattice models
  • SciPost Physics 15(3) (2023)
  • Adelhardt, Patrick and Schmidt, Kai P.
  • Continuously varying critical exponents in long-range quantum spin ladders
  • SciPost Physics 15(3) (2023)
  • Lenke, Lea and Schellenberger, Andreas and Schmidt, Kai Phillip
  • Series expansions in closed and open quantum many-body systems with multiple quasiparticle types
  • Physical Review A 108(1) (2023)
  • Koziol, Jan Alexander and Duft, Antonia and Morigi, Giovanna and Schmidt, Kai P.
  • Systematic analysis of crystalline phases in bosonic lattice models with algebraically decaying density-density interactions
  • SciPost Physics 14(5) (2023)
  • Walther, Matthias R. and Hering, Dag-Björn and Uhrig, Götz S. and Schmidt, Kai P.
  • Continuous similarity transformation for critical phenomena: Easy-axis antiferromagnetic XXZ model
  • Physical Review Research 5(1) (2023)
  • Rohn, Jonas and Schmidt, Kai Phillip and Genes, Claudiu
  • Classical phase synchronization in dissipative non-Hermitian coupled systems
  • Physical Review A 108(2) (2023)
  • Ba\ssler, Nico S. and Reitz, Michael and Schmidt, Kai Phillip and Genes, Claudiu
  • Linear optical elements based on cooperative subwavelength emitter arrays
  • Optics Express 31(4), 6003 (2023)
  • H. Fink
  • Einleitung: Wechselwirkungen zwischen Physik und Philosophie: Wechselwirkungen zwischen Physik und Philosophie
  • pages 1-14 in: Unbestimmt und relativ?, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2023
  • H. Fink and M. Kuhlmann
  • Unbestimmt und relativ?: Das Weltbild der modernen Physik
  • editor(s): H. Fink and M. Kuhlmann, Springer, 2023
  • A.R. Mendoza Sosa AND A.S. Kraemer AND E.C. Oguz AND M. Schmiedeberg
  • Structural studies of local environments in high-symmetry quasicrystals
  • Scientific Reports 13, 16696 (2023)
  • A. Woitzik, K. Mecke, G. Düchs
  • Das Lehramtsstudium in Deutschland. Eine Studie der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft
  • (2023)
  • K. Mecke, M. Zimmermann
  • Wissenschaft braucht Verlässlichkeit
  • Physik Journal 22, 3 (2023)
  • A. Woitzik, K. Mecke, G. Düchs
  • Aufbruch zu Verbesserungen. Eine DPG-Studie beleuchtet die Situation des Lehramtsstudium für das Fach Physik
  • Physik Journal 22, 35-39 (2023)
  • Mecke, K.
  • Wells posthumane Welten
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  • Mecke, K.
  • Shizuki Tadaos Übersetzungen
  • Physik in unserer Zeit 54, 154 (2023)
  • Mecke, K.
  • J.-H. Rosnys Tod der Erde im Anthropozän
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  • Richard Powers Bewilderment
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  • M. Schmiedeberg
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  • M. Schmiedeberg
  • Occurrence of connected clusters in motility-induced phase-separated states of persistent active particles at zero temperature
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