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Publications 2022

  • Schellenberger, Andreas and Hörmann, Max and Schmidt, Kai Phillip
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  • Linked cluster expansions via hypergraph decompositions
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  • Quantum phase transitions in the $K$-layer Ising toric code
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  • Mühlhauser, M. and Schmidt, Kai P. and Vidal, Julien and Walther, M. R.
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  • Hong, Tao and Ying, Tao and Huang, Qing and Dissanayake, Sachith E. and Qiu, Yiming and Turnbull, Mark M. and Podlesnyak, Andrey A. and Wu, Yan and Cao, Huibo and Liu, Yaohua and Umehara, Izuru and Gouchi, Jun and Uwatoko, Yoshiya and Matsuda, Masaaki and Tennant, David A. and Chern, Gia-Wei and Schmidt, Kai P. and Wessel, Stefan
  • Evidence for pressure induced unconventional quantum criticality in the coupled spin ladder antiferromagnet C9H18N2CuBr4
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  • M. Schmiedeberg
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  • R.F.B. Weigel AND M. Schmiedeberg
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  • Buffons Stil der Naturgeschichte
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  • Oulipos Schreibweisen der Mathematik
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  • J. Bley, A. Pietz, A. Fösel, M. Schmiedeberg, S. Heusler, A. Pusch
  • Physics competitions in the time of a pandemic: 3D printing as a new approach to the quantitative investigation of Cartesian divers at home
  • European Journal of Physics 43, 014001 (2022)