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Publications 2014

  • Matthias Saba, Bodo D. Wilts, Johannes Hielscher, Gerd E. Schröder-Turk
  • Absence of Circular Polarisation in Reflections of Butterfly Wing Scales with Chiral Gyroid Structure
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  • Michael A. Klatt and Salvatore Torquato
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  • B. Schuetrumpf, M. A. Klatt, K. Iida, G. Schröder-Turk, J. Maruhn, K. Mecke, and P. G. Reinhard
  • Minimal Surfaces in Nuclear Pasta with the Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock Approach
  • pages 32 in: Proceedings of the 52th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics (Bormio2014). 27 - 31 January, 2014. Bormio, Italy., 2014
  • Zoran Miličević, Siewert J. Marrink, Ana-Sunčana Smith, and David M. Smith
  • Establishing conditions for simulating hydrophobic solutes in electric fields by molecular dynamics: effects of the long-range van der Waals treatment on the apparent particle mobility.
  • Journal of Molecular Modeling 20(8), 2359 (2014)
  • Zlatko Brkljača, Momir Mališ, David M. Smith, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
  • Calculating CD Spectra of Flexible Peptides: An Assessment of TD-DFT Functionals.
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  • Bao, Huixin and Bihr, Timo and Smith, Ana-Sunčana and Klupp Taylor, Robin N
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  • Schmidt, Daniel and Monzel, Cornelia and Bihr, Timo and Merkel, Rudolf and Seifert, Udo and Sengupta, Kheya and Smith, Ana-Sunčana
  • Signature of a Nonharmonic Potential as Revealed from a Consistent Shape and Fluctuation Analysis of an Adherent Membrane
  • Physical Review X 4(2), 021023 (2014)
  • Erich Sackmann and Ana-Sunčana Smith
  • Physics of cell adhesion: some lessons from cell-mimetic systems.
  • Soft Matter 10(11), 1644–1659 (2014)
  • Timo Bihr, Susanne Fenz, Rich Sackmann, Rudolf Merkel, Udo Seifert, Kheya Sengupta, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
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  • Sara Kaliman, Christina Jayachandran, Florian Rehfeldt, and Ana-Sunčana Smith
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  • Elmar Träbert, Peter Beiersdorfer, Joel Clementson, and Alexander Laska
  • O VIII Hα and Lyβ Transitions as an XUV/EUV Branching Ratio Tool
  • The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 212(2), 20 (2014)
  • Ellen Fischermeier, Matthieu Marechal, and Klaus Mecke
  • Dynamical States in Driven Colloidal Liquid Crystals
  • Journal of Chemical Physics 141(19), 1–7 (2014)
  • Ellen Fischermeier, Dominik Bartuschat, Tobias Preclik, Matthieu Marechal, and Klaus Mecke
  • Simulation of a hard-spherocylinder liquid crystal with the pe
  • Computer Physics Communications 185(12), 3156–3161 (2014)
  • René Wittmann, Matthieu Marechal, and Klaus Mecke
  • Fundamental measure theory for smectic phases: Scaling behavior and higher order terms
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  • René Wittmann and Klaus Mecke
  • Surface tension of isotropic-nematic interfaces: Fundamental measure theory for hard spherocylinders
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  • Julia Hörrmann, Daniel Hug, Michael Klatt, and Klaus Mecke
  • Minkowski tensor density formulas for Boolean models
  • Advances in Applied Mathematics 55, 48–85 (2014)
  • Jacob J. K. Kirkensgaard and Myfanwy E. Evans and Liliana de Campo and Stephen T. Hyde
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  • Myfanwy E. Evans and Roland Roth
  • Solvation of a sponge-like geometry
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  • Myfanwy E. Evans and Roland Roth
  • Shaping the Skin: The Interplay of Mesoscale Geometry and Corneocyte Swelling
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