Winter Term 2021/22:


20.-24.9.2021 StudOn-Link↗

Seminar on Physics: Problems of the International Physicists' Tournament
If you are interested to participate, please contact me.

Soft Matter Journal Club
If you are interested to participate, please contact me.

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Topics for
Master or Bachelor theses
are available.
Please contact me if interested.

Contact ↗

Michael Schmiedeberg

Teaching Winter Term 2021/22:


Mo 14:15 - 16:00, HD (alternativ per Zoom, falls Präsenz nicht möglich.)
Übungen: CIP-Pool oder Zooom, je nach Möglichkeit.

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werden auf StudOn zur Verfügung gestellt: StudOn-Link↗


mit Robert Weigel.
Online-Blockkurs vom 20.9.2021 bis zum 24.9.2021 mit integrierten Übungen; Anmeldung erforderlich.

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auf StudOn: StudOn-Link↗

Seminar on "Problems of the International Physicists' Tournament":

Mi, 13:30 in SR 01.683
We want to discuss the physics behind the problems that have to be solved in the German Physicists' Tournament (GPT) and the International Physicists' Tournament (IPT). For more information on the GPT or the IPT and their problems, see or If you are interested to work on the problems of the GPT or IPT and to take part in the seminar in addition, please write an e-mail to me.

Journal Club on Soft Matter

Di, 16:15.
In cooperation with M. Engel (Institute for Multiscale Simulations) and V.Y. Zaburdaev (Biology Department);
If you are interested to participate, please contact me.

Seminar on the theory of soft matter,
seminar and working group for PhD and master students,
and other lectures and seminars at the institute:

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Master or Bachelor theses:

Topics for a Master or a Bachelor thesis are available. If interested please contact me.

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