Summer Term 2020:


Seminar on Physics: Soft Matter Paper Club: Phase Field Models
If you are interested to participate, please contact me.

Seminar on Physics: Problems of the International Physicists' Tournament
If you are interested to participate, please contact me.

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Topics for
Master or Bachelor theses
are available.
Please contact me if interested.

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Michael Schmiedeberg

Teaching Summer Term 2020:

Contact information during the corona crisis:
I am available for video conferences via Zoom or Skype. Please shortly contact me by e-mail and you will be sent a link for the video conference.


Die Rechenmethoden werden wegen der Corona-Krise als Online-Kurs angeboten.
Informationen und Kursinhalte werden auf StudOn zur Verfügung gestellt: StudOn-Link↗

Paper Club on Soft Matter: Phase Field Models

If possible: Tue, 16:15 at the Institute for Theoretical Physics 1 (Staudtstr., SR 01.683).
If meetings in person are not possible, we will use video conferences.
In cooperation with M. Engel (Institute for Multiscale Simulations) and V.Y. Zaburdaev (Biology Department);
If you are interested to participate, please contact me.

Seminar on "Problems of the International Physicists' Tournament":

If possible: Wed, 13:30 in SR 01.683, June 2020 until December 2020
As long as meetings in person are not possible, we will use video conferences.
We want to discuss the physics behind the problems that have to be solved in the International Physicists' Tournament (IPT). For more information on the IPT and its problems, see If you are interested to work on the problems of the IPT and to take part in the seminar in addition, please write an e-mail to me.

Seminar on the theory of soft matter,
seminar and working group for PhD and master students,
and other lectures and seminars at the institute:

For more information see UnvIS or website on teaching of the institute.

Master or Bachelor theses, research projects for Physics Advanced:

Topics for a Master or a Bachelor thesis as well as for a project for Physics Advanced are available. If interested please contact me.

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