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Dynamical States in Driven Colloidal Liquid Crystals

imageDynamical State: Towing

The driving of liquid crystals by external potentials is a common phenomenon in many industrial applications as well as biological systems. Due to the complexity of such systems it is an established approach to study them by computer simulation.

We examine a model colloidal liquid crystal consisting of hard spherocylinders as the arguably simplest model system for rod-like colloidal liquid crystals under the influence of an external aligning potential by Langevin dynamics simulation. The external field rotates in a plane and acts on the orientation of the individual particles. We observe a variety of collective nonequilibrium states which we characterize by the time-resolved orientational distribution of the particles. With our simulation method, we are able to explain the origin of these states via the single particle behavior. By varying the external driving frequency and the packing fraction of the spherocylinders we construct the dynamical state diagram.
J. Chem. Phys. 141, 194903 (2014); [Suppl. Material]

Ellen, 2014-11-17