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Workshop 'Complex transport in strongly interacting systems'


The workshop 'Complex transport in strongly interacting systems' will be held at the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics in Munich during July 25-27 2012.

In recent years our understanding of the slowing down of transport in by repeated scattering from neighboring particles or obstacles has increased rapidly and mechanims have been identified leading to striking phenomena such as the glass transition, jamming, and the localization transition. The purpose of the workshop is bring together the different communities working on these related questions and to promote and transfer concepts to establish a broader picture of complex slow processes.

The focus of the meeting will be put on recent developments of the glass transition to more complex systems, such as gelation, polymers, colloids under shear, and granular systems, as well as jamming and dense active matter, and their comparision to the localization transition of classical particles and waves. The scope includes both theory and computer simulations which will complemented by experiments.

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Markus, 2011-08-11