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New Professor Ana Sunčana Smith at EAM and Theorie 1


Ana Sunčana Smith is a new W1 Juniorprofessor at the Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials and Theoretische Physik 1.

Ana Sunčana Smith received her general education at the Physics department of the University in Zagreb, Croatia, where she graduated in June 2001. Her diploma on the origins of hydrophobicity was performed at the Department of Applied Mathematics, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, under the supervision of Prof. S. Marcelja. Her doctoral studies where undertaken at the TU Munich with Prof. E. Sackmann, between February 2002 and December 2004. Here, after receiving training in the experimental studies of active membranes, she specialized in the theoretical modeling of cell adhesion processes under the guidance of Prof. U. Seifert. In September 2006, she became a research associate in the group of Prof. U. Seifert at the Institute for Theoretical Physics II, Uni­ versity of Stuttgart. In October 2009 Ana Sunčana Smith was appointed W1 Juniorprofessor for Theoretical Physics within the Cluster’s Rising Star program.

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