Selected publications of Hajo LESCHKE prior to 1989

Publications 1999-1989

H. Leschke:
Some bounds on quantum partition functions by path-integral methods
pp. 399-409 in:
Path Summation: Archievements and Goals
Editors: S. Lundqvist, A. Ranfagni, V. Sa-yakanit, L. S. Schulman
World Scientific, Singapore 1988

K. Broderix, N. Heldt, H. Leschke:
On the Landau-level broadening by delta- or constantly correlated random potentials
Zeitschrift für Physik B 68, 19-24 (1987)

K. Broderix, N. Heldt, H. Leschke:
Weak-coupling expansion for the free energy of the magneto-polaron in two dimensions
Zeitschrift für Physik B 66, 507-513 (1987)

J. Adamowski, B. Gerlach, H. Leschke:
General aspects of the functional-integral approach to the polaron and related system
pp. 245-269 in:
Polarons and Excitons in Polar Semiconductors and Ionic Crystals
Editors: J. T. Devreese, F. Peeters
NATO ASI Series B, Vol. 108
Plenum, New York 1984

R. Bausch, H. Leschke:
Dynamic representation of disordered electronic systems
Zeitschrift für Physik B 53, 249-253 (1983)

J. Adamowski, B. Gerlach, H. Leschke:
Polaronic versus bare excitations: A functional-integration approach to the exciton-phonon problem
Physica 117 B & 118 B, 287-289 (1983)

J. Adamowski, B. Gerlach, H. Leschke:
Explicit evaluation of certain Gaussian functional integrals arising in problems of statistical physics
Journal of Mathematical Physics 23, 243-249 (1982)

H. Leschke, B. Kramer:
Disorder induced density of states within the band gap
Journal de Physique 42, Colloque C4, 59-62 (1981)

H. Leschke:
Path integral approach to fluctuations in dynamical processes
pp. 156-163 in:
Chaos and Order in Nature
Springer Series in Synergetics, Vol. 11
Editor: H. Haken
Springer, Berlin 1981

A. C. Hirs(c)hfeld, H. Leschke:
Quantization of Yang-Mills fields in superspace
Physics Letters 101 B, 48-50 (1981)

J. Adamowski, B. Gerlach, H. Leschke:
Treatment of the exciton-phonon interaction via functional integration. I. Harmonic trial actions
Physical Review B 23, 2943-2950 (1981)

J. Adamowski, B. Gerlach, H. Leschke:
Strong-coupling limit of polaron energy, revisted
Physics Letters 79 A, 249-251 (1980)

J. Adamowski, B. Gerlach, H. Leschke:
Feynman's approach to the polaron problem generalized to arbitrary quadratic actions
pp. 291-301 in:
Functional Integration: Theory and Applications
Editors: J.-P. Antoine, E. Tirapegui
Plenum, New York 1980

T. Suzuki, A. C. Hirshfeld, H. Leschke:
The role of operator ordering in quantum field theory
Progress of Theoretical Physics 63, 287-302 (1980)

H. Leschke, J. Stolze, M. Moraweck:
Unity-resolving states and generalised Golden-Thompson bounds on partition functions
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 13, 1311-1324 (1980)

H. Leschke:
Functional integral representations and inequalities for Bose partition functions
pp. 435-443 in:
Feynman Path Integrals
Editors: S. Albeverio, Ph. Combe, R. Høegh-Krohn, G. Rideau, M. Sirugue-Collin, M. Sirugue, R. Stora
Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 106
Springer, Berlin 1979

H. Leschke, A. C. Hirshfeld, T. Suzuki:
Canonical perturbation theory for nonlinear systems
Physical Review D 18, 2834-2848 (1978)

H. Leschke, M. Schmutz:
Operator orderings and functional formulations of quantum and stochastic dynamics
Zeitschrift für Physik B 27, 85-94 (1977)

U. Brandt, H. Leschke:
On the Peierls transition in exactly soluble models
Zeitschrift für Physik 271, 295-298 (1974)

U. Brandt, H. Leschke:
Weak self-consistent approximation scheme in many body systems
Zeitschrift für Physik 260, 147-156 (1973)