In memoriam Prof. em. Dr. Peter Mittelstaedt (24.11.1929 - 21.11.2014)

Mein Bild Peter Mittelstaedt was an eminent German theoretical physicist and philosopher of science, widely renowned for his incisive and illuminating investigations into the conceptual and philosophical foundations of the fundamental theories of modern physics - relativity and quantum theory. He held a Chair for Theoretical Physics at the University of Cologne from 1965-1995, serving as Rector from 1970-1971.

Curriculum Vitae ( English - Deutsch )

Publications - Publikationen

Ia. Books (as author) - Bücher (als Autor)

Ib. Books (as editor) - Bücher (als Herausgeber)

II. Articles (Foundations of Physics, Philosophy of Science, Logic) - Aufsätze (Grundlagen der Physik, Wissenschaftstheorie, Logik)

III. Articles (Nuclear Physics, Relativity Theory, Cosmology) - Aufsätze (Kernphysik, Relativitätstheorie, Kosmologie)