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Publications 2019

  • M. Maiti and M. Schmiedeberg
  • Energy landscape description of the clustering transition for active soft spheres
  • EPL 126, 46002 (2019)
  • A. Gemeinhardt and M. Martinsons and M. Schmiedeberg
  • Stabilizing quasicrystals composed of patchy colloids by narrowing the patch width
  • EPL 126, 38001 (2019)
  • Andreas Baer and Zoran Miličević and David M. Smith and Ana-Sunčana Smith
  • Water in an electric field does not dance alone: The relation between equilibrium structure, time dependent viscosity and molecular motions
  • Journal of Molecular Liquids 282, 303–315 (2019)
  • M. Maiti and M. Schmiedeberg
  • The thermal jamming transition of soft harmonic disks in two dimensions
  • Eur. Phys. J. E 42, 38 (2019)
  • M. Maiti and M. Schmiedeberg
  • Temperature dependence of the transition packing fraction of thermal jamming in a harmonic soft sphere system
  • Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31, 165101 (2019)
  • Michael A. Klatt and Jakov Lovrić and Duyu Chen and Sebastian C. Kapfer and Fabian M. Schaller and Philipp W. A. Schönhöfer and Bruce S. Gardiner and Ana-Sunčana Smith and Gerd E. Schröder-Turk and Salvatore Torquato
  • Universal hidden order in amorphous cellular geometries
  • Nature Communications 10(1) (2019)
  • Schindler, Thomas and Kapfer, Sebastian C.
  • Nonequilibrium steady states, coexistence, and criticality in driven quasi-two-dimensional granular matter
  • Phys. Rev. E 99, 022902 (2019)
  • Schindler, T. and Wittmann, R. and Brader, J. M.
  • Particle-conserving dynamics on the single-particle level
  • Phys. Rev. E 99, 012605 (2019)
  • Fey, Sebastian and Kapfer, Sebastian C. and Schmidt, Kai Phillip
  • Quantum Criticality of Two-Dimensional Quantum Magnets with Long-Range Interactions
  • Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 017203 (2019)