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Hard Spheres in Gyroid
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If you are interested in doing a research project or writing your thesis at our group, please contact Prof. Klaus Mecke.

Saufest 2015

Am Donnerstag, den 2. Juli 2015 findet wieder das traditionelle Saufest der Theoretischen Physik statt. [more]

Sau am Grill

Programming course March and April 2015

We are organising an introductory block course about computer programming in C/C++ and scientific computing, to be held in spring 2015 and open for FAU students. [more]


Nuclear pasta and butterfly scales united by the same spatial microstructure

The gyroid is an ordered network-like labyrinth bounded by minimal surfaces. It has become a house-hold name in soft materials with order on the nanometer scale, for example in the ... [more]

Pasta Matter and Nodal Gyroid

Dynamical States in Driven Colloidal Liquid Crystals

The driving of liquid crystals by external potentials is a common phenomenon in many industrial applications as well as biological systems. Due to the complexity of such systems it is ... [more]

Dynamical State: Towing

Protein Physics of Pruney Skin

Our work on the interplay of mesoscale geometry and thermodynamics of swollen dead skin cells has been recently published. It was selected as an editors suggestion and highlighted in an ... [more]