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Hard Spheres in Gyroid
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If you are interested in doing a research project or writing your thesis at our group, please contact Prof. Klaus Mecke.

Programming course March 2016

We are organising an introductory block course about computer programming in C/C++ and scientific computing, to be held in spring 2016 and open for FAU students. [more]


Humboldt Research Fellow Iggy McGovern in Erlangen

Prof. Dr. Ignatius Thomas McGovern vom Trinity College in Dublin besucht dieses Jahr ab 1. Oktober als Research Fellow der Humboldt-Stiftung das Erlangen Center for Literature and Natural Science (ELINAS). [more]


Saufest 2015

Am Donnerstag, den 2. Juli 2015 findet wieder das traditionelle Saufest der Theoretischen Physik statt. [more]

Sau am Grill

Nuclear pasta and butterfly scales united by the same spatial microstructure

The gyroid is an ordered network-like labyrinth bounded by minimal surfaces. It has become a house-hold name in soft materials with order on the nanometer scale, for example in the ... [more]

Pasta Matter and Nodal Gyroid

Dynamical States in Driven Colloidal Liquid Crystals

The driving of liquid crystals by external potentials is a common phenomenon in many industrial applications as well as biological systems. Due to the complexity of such systems it is ... [more]

Dynamical State: Towing